Mission Partners

Bethshean Mexico Mission

We will continue to partnership with Cris Garcia and the mission work in Mexico. Cris has been serving in Mexico for over 45 years.  The mission has planted several churches (a total of 7 to date), built a medical clinic, built a home for elderly people, established a Christian camp, and been very involved in the training of ministers to serve in the churches.

Some of their goals for 2018:

  • Complete the construction of a new church in Villa Gonzalez
  • Secure permission to open the medical clinic
  • Hire a full time nurse for the clinic
  • Find funding for two new ministers
  • Conducting VBS; Retreats for Men and Women
  • Continue to grow the Bible College.  They are meeting in temporary facilities. They have property and hope to build classrooms and offices soon for a more permanent campus.
  • Continue to groom Abdiel Rocha to serve as the Director of Bethshean.

     Abdiel and Shannon Rocha & family

    Cris Garcia, Director


For more Information on Bethsean Mexico Mission go to their website:   http://www.bethsheanmexicomission.org


Care Pregnancy Center of Augusta

CPC has been serving the area for many years with new focus: Being the voice of reason and hope for unborn children.  Through the efforts of CPC, many babies have been saved.  In addition to counseling expecting mothers, parenting classes are offered.  CPC provides additional support by providing items that new born babies need.  They provide guidance on healthy relationship.  This ministry is equally caring about both mother and child. CPC has three locations: Augusta, Martinez, and Waynesboro.  They are always looking for volunteers at the Center.


Goals for 2018

  • Closing of the Abortion Clinic off Davis Road
  • Support and enact our new program, Girl’s Hope for Their Future, for young women who have experienced abuse as a child
  • Expanding the teaching of Abstinence until marriage throughout this area using curriculum from A&M Partnership.


For more Information on Care Pregnancy Center of Augusta go to their website:   http://www.augustacpc.org


Christian Arabic Services

Located in Cairo, Egypt, Safaa and his wife Mona, serve as Director or CAS.  This work started in 2003. The emphasis is to teach and train leaders who will in turn lead congregations in the ways of the Lord.  Much of what they do is done in a hostile religious and government environment.  Since starting in 2003, thousands of church leaders have been trained in New Testament principles.  Under their teaching, over 180 churches are now practicing weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper.  One entire denomination is dissolving and restoring as a New Testament pattern of worship and baptism. Since this mission has started, they have partnered with Hope International University (Fullerton, California) establishing 11 campus branches in Egypt and Sudan.  Plans are currently underway to establish a branch campus in Lebanon. Many from surrounding Countries in Africa come to one of these campuses for training.  In addition to training ministers, Safaa is deeply involved in translating Bible training aids for minister.


Safaa Preaching

Abraham – Sudan Minister  

Christians in Cairo                                                                               

For more Information on Christian Arabic Services go to their website:   http://christianarabicservices.org


Reaching the Billions


David and Lynn Poling have been serving as Missionaries to China since 1979. They have set up a campus for training in Hong Kong.  Their primary mission is the Chinese Christian Seminary in Hong Kong.  From there, they have trained thousands of leaders, many of whom have come from the Mainland and have gone back to be house church leaders.  So much of what is being done on the Mainland of China, must be done “under the radar” of the government. Many of their students have move to other countries to serve.  Some are in Canada and some are serving in the Middle East.  According to official Republic of China law, no children are to be in church until they are 18 years old.

They also work with a leper village and drug de-tox center.

David and Lynn have three adopted Chinese sons, Isaac, Nathan and Samuel.



Travis and Emily Weeks

Travis and Emily Weeks are serving as missionaries in Ethiopia, Africa under the guidance of Christian Missionary Fellowship. Travis and Emily grew up in Savannah, Georgia and were active members of Savannah Christian Church (Now Compassion Christian Church). Emily graduated from Atlanta Christian College (Point University) and Travis from Milligan College. Both then graduated from Emmanuel Christian Seminary.  They have two daughters, Clare and Charley. They have been in Ethiopia for about three years planting churches in remote areas of Ethiopia. We are thankful to partner with Travis and Emily.

Travis, Emily & Clare with girls from Ethiopia

Travis preaching through a translator.


Project Kenya

Tim Hudson and Teri Crane-Hudson are missionaaries in Kenya that we support. For more information on Project Kenya go to their website http://www.projectkenya.org





Pioneer Bible Translators, Tanzania, East Africa

Tim and Erin MacSaveny are missionaries in Tanzania that we support. For more information on Pioneer Bible Translators go to their website https://pioneerbible.org